At M Five Services, we recognise that our current and future success relies largely on customer satisfaction. It is because of this that we apply the following methods to ensure our high quality standard is consistently achieved. 


1. Task Specialisation

Various specialised services offered are completed by individuals who have received specialised training and whose main focus is on that specific discipline. Examples include our floor and carpet care specialists, steam cleaning specialists.

 2. Supervision

Every room and or area that is cleaned, is inspected daily by one of our highly skilled Supervisors to ensure that all work performed is to the highest standards. Supervisors work directly with their team, giving feedback to each team/highest member in order to maintain our quality standards.

 3. Operations Manager

Our experienced Operations Manager directs the entire cleaning operation and reviews the building supervisors’ areas regularly. He ensures that supervisors are maintaining our high quality standards and responding appropriately to customer feedback.


4. Customer Relations

Our General Manager convenes monthly with our clients in order to receive direct feedback on our service provided. This feedback is then forwarded on to the Operations Manager and Site Supervisor to ensure that every customer is receiving the high quality service that they have come to expect from M Five Services. Customers also have the opportunity to complete our onsite feedback form.


5. Constant Accessibility

A 24-hour contact will be made available to the client 365 days a year. Constantly staying in touch with our customers, we are able to respond immediately to any requirements they may encounter.

 6. Staff Meetings & Supervisor Meetings

Before the commencement of each shift, every staff member attends a briefing to establish clear lines of communication and direction. Supervisor meetings are held weekly, attended by the General Manager, Operations Manager, OH & S officer and all site and area supervisors. The purpose of these meetings is to plan daily, weekly and future activities, address HR issues and any other agenda items that may arise and are crucial to business operations.